Jotun Thermosafe

Attract and Hold Attention

To launch the new Thermosafe product range Jotun wanted an integrated campaign of traditional and digital marketing to reach their target customers’. Knowing their marketplace thought of paint as a last consideration focussing on color and corrosion control rather than performance we developed campaign messaging to challenge this mind-set.

Given the need to challenge the mind-set of their target audience there were both internal and external stakeholders to engage with and consider. How would staff respond to something so new and different? Externally, how would Jotun customers react to challenging the norm?

Fifth Ring had to reposition Jotun, linking the Thermosafe range to the performance of the customers’ facilities. To do this we took a strategic approach, looking holistically at what Jotun was trying to achieve, creating a campaign that was like nothing Jotun had ever done before, with the campaign tagline “Applied Performance” and a bold visual style.


Key Information

If you can align both teams behind a single set of goals, stop the wheel-spinning, and all push in the same direction, just imagine what’s possible.