Own the space

In the UK, DC Thomson has developed a strong reputation for energy news dissemination and thought leadership with their digital publication Energy Voice. This experience allowed them to identify an opportunity in the energy transition space to go beyond the quality journalism they are known for, to establish a real focal point for the North Sea energy community. They knew who they wanted to target; those at the very highest levels of industry: c-suite and above, politicians and investors. They needed help to properly define, claim and own the space.

The question was, how?

Numerous workshops unearthed key findings and market analysis developed key messaging with target audiences. Here, exclusivity and curation were key. Our recommendation: a unique combination of publication, subscription, content and community events, entirely separate from Energy Voice with a unique brand identity. One with the potential to transform the conversation around the energy transition and accelerate the pace of change.

We knew the brand had to be impactful, serious and credible. Exclusivity and curation were key. We developed the brand from scratch, devising a name that would resonate. Bold typography. An instantly gettable icon to drive home the message of a faster transition while landing nicely on social. Fresh colourways with colour transitions from blues to greens brought a fresh approach to the energy space. Once the client saw “E-FWD” it was, as they described, a light bulb moment.

The real challenge came in articulating its advantages. Blending publication, content and community events, this was a new concept and there was no model to follow. It was crucial that our messaging was understood and converting.

Activation-wise, initial work posed interesting questions to provoke thought. Powerful lines established the brand’s intelligent, pragmatic and grown-up tone of voice.

Then we hit home with more tactical sign-up activity.

We experimented with multiple versions of every CTA and image to optimise what landed and what didn’t for such a new and unusual offer.

The results were excellent. The launch of E-FWD went beyond creating awareness and generating debate. We didn’t meet targets. We greatly exceeded them. High calibre membership subscriptions were so high, that the client completely reinvented their membership structure to cope. Generating revenue that surpassed its expectations.

The events were attended by some of the most senior and influential energy transition stakeholders in the UK: major energy company CEOs, bank leadership, union heads, politicians and even the UK ex-prime minister Gordon Brown.

We are confident that due to our approach, E-FWD is well on its way to owning its space within the North Sea transition. A new space they’re not merely competing in, but a space they now own.


“The minute that we all looked at it as a team, we all got straight behind E-FWD as the winning concept. It was completely standout. It captures everything that those who are solution orientated in energy want to align behind. There is a massive need for players in politics and business to get behind goals that will drive the energy transition the UK, and I really think that the team at Fifth Ring have created a brand that will enable us to do that.”

Key Information

In the UK, DC Thomson has developed a strong reputation for energy news dissemination and thought leadership with their digital publication Energy Voice.