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Summer 2018 Internship Recap: What I Learned About Collaboration, Leadership and Teamwork

I was a bit nervous at the beginning because even though I had knowledge of communication skills, I had no idea how to apply them in a work setting. Thanks to the people who worked with me though, I was able to learn how to apply that knowledge and use it to the best of my abilities. It doesn’t end there—since I was new to all this, I still had a lot to learn from them. Throughout my internship, I learned how to work in an office setting, picking up valuable skills needed for any career route I might take. I learned how to use programs for project management, PR planning and digital reporting. I learned how to prioritize properly, how to confidently speak up and be part of a discussion. Most importantly, I learned how to collaborate with a team, which will not only help me in my professional life but also life outside of work. Whatever setting you’re in, being able to collaborate helps you stand out. It’s important to listen and hear other people’s ideas, then combine all of these ideas together to come up with the best solution possible.

Everyone on the team also has their specific jobs with set roles, duties and tasks, but you see, leadership isn’t a position. It’s an action. And everyone here at Fifth Ring took action to step up when needed. No questions asked.

Fifth Ring could not have been a better place to learn about teamwork, leadership and collaboration. Nothing will ever compare to this experience. I know for a fact that my time here has molded me to be successful in my future career.

David Mancipe,

Intern, Summer 2018

Insights · 3rd of September, 2018 · 1 minute ·