Fifth Ring Houston from an Intern’s Perspective

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an internship is coffee runs and boring paperwork, but at Fifth Ring it is quite the contrary.

It’s hard to believe my time as an intern at Fifth Ring Houston is coming to an end, and I’ll be packing up to go back to Texas Tech for my senior year. It seems like yesterday when I walked into the Houston office on my first day to find my desk covered in new stationary with a card signed by the team. Little did I know that this summer was going to be more than I ever expected, and looking back I couldn’t be more thankful.

Coming into a new workplace is always hard, not knowing what to expect is even harder. At the beginning, I was nervous I wouldn't know how to incorporate what I have learned at university to the real world, but with the guidance of the team, I was able to connect the dots between the classroom and the workplace.

Through this internship I have learned about marketing plans, social media, and most importantly: professionalism. It’s the little things us “interns” need to take from our 6 weeks of packing everything we can into our brains. From knowing how to give a presentation or how to create a perfectly worded email, professionalism is something we can take wherever we end up after we walk across the stage to accept our diploma.

Fifth Ring has been a very hands-on experience, extending my knowledge beyond what I would learn from sitting at my desk reading expensive textbooks. Learning how to organize and prioritize client projects and how to work in a fast-paced environment was all new to me, but with the help of my co-workers and their pro-tips, I was able to catch on confidently and swiftly.

Fifth Ring Houston made me feel like a vital part of the team and has opened my eyes to the world of communications and public relations. Every employee in this office welcomed me with open arms and never failed to give great life advice. Before this internship, I knew about social media content, but now I know how to turn ordinary facts from our clients into interesting content in less than 140 characters.

This summer has been nothing short of an adventure. What I gained from this experience is all truly valuable knowledge, and I will be forever grateful.