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How to boost your exports through communication

The Energy Exports Conference, which finishes in Aberdeen today, has been an important reminder of the value of finding and maintaining new routes to growth for companies in the energy sector.

Exports play a massive part in the business of many energy companies in the UK. For more than 50 years, those that have developed skills and expertise in supporting the industry in the North Sea have found ready markets around the world for their products and services.

It’s no surprise, then, that exporting is so important to the region and the country. The UK oil and gas supply chain exports about £12 billion of goods and services to the rest of the world annually.

Key among our valuable services are our subsea capabilities, which are globally recognised as world leading. Our strength in subsea services and their importance in supporting the development of offshore wind farms will play a major role in helping Aberdeen transition from the oil and gas capital of Europe to the energy capital of Europe.

As uncertainty over the future of North Sea oil and gas persists amid a lack of political clarity and direction, exports are likely to become more important for UK-based companies.

How to own the space in a new market

There’s so much to consider when looking at markets in new locations, including local distribution channels, employment, on the ground logistics and business infrastructure.

You can gain a significant advantage in owning the space in a new market by maximising the use of your existing business infrastructure rather than spending money on replicating it. This includes practical items such as software and other technology. But it also includes other essential components to your business, like your brand.

But while your brand must remain consistent, you’ve got to ensure that how you communicate it completely lands with your targets. What you say and how you say it can be critical to establishing your reputation. That may require adaptions to your messaging to reflect local cultures, customs, and even a rethink on the best communication channels to use (such as WeChat in China, for example).

Let your market know you’re there in advance

Before you enter a new market, well-placed communication can be used to pave the way. By joining or even leading online conversations about market trends in your target geography you can establish local awareness and a reputation for knowledge and expertise even before your boots hit the ground.

What do we know?

Having started in Aberdeen more than 30 years and grown internationally, we’re experienced in effectively communicating with clients around the world. And with staffed offices in North America, Europe and Asia we know what it takes to talk to new markets.

Take Asia Pacific, for example. Our base in Singapore is strategically positioned to cater to clients across the entire Asia Pacific region. We often speak to companies looking to expand into this part of the world who treat it as one market. Our deep insight into the region, born of experience, challenges that assumption. Asia is a culturally diverse, multi-country, multi-language region where one communications approach does not fit all.

Leveraging our deep understanding of local markets and cultural nuances, we are adept at crafting marketing and communications solutions that resonate with target audiences. That is the power of international marketing. If you want to chat about how to do it, give us a call.

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Energy Insights · 12th of June, 2024 · 1 minute ·