Are you Looking for the Right Employees in all the Right Places?

The overall oil & gas industry continues to see growth these days, and with that growth comes an increased focus on attracting the best and brightest employees. In order to attract the best, companies need to pay particular attention to their story, where to tell it and to whom to tell it.

In addition to helping companies use marketing tools and tactics to reach potential clients and targets, Fifth Ring continues to hear from numerous clients who are interested in how marketing can help them in their recruitment efforts. While there are marketing tools, analytics and tactics that can help attract talent, the simple answer is for companies to strategically recruit the right people, in the right venues, with the right message at the right time. This strategy aligns with the overall tenets of marketing.

It’s no surprise that technology has had an effect on the way younger generations seek and receive news and interact. Social media, messaging and other apps are preferred communications venues for many younger workers. While LinkedIn is still the preferred venue for business HR professionals to find talent, there may be other venues your company should be "employing".

Is your company taking into account the various ways different generations prefer to get their news and network? It should be no surprise to anyone with a 20 or 30-year old kid that in addition to not having a home phone, they do not subscribe to traditional cable-TV or get their news from the network nightly news or local TV channels. Younger generations need to be reached through different channels.

Millennials will soon constitute the majority of the workforce in developed markets, and have already started their climb into management and in many leadership roles that will have them running the show in the near future. That’s a scary thought to some, and welcome news to others.

We all view the world through a personal lens, tempered by experience and inclusive of events witnessed and lived through by ourselves and those close to us.

Remember that many Millennials and Generation Yers grew up witnessing their parents being laid-off. They saw loyalty and commitment to an employer returned with lay-offs and salary cuts. Many companies extolled the virtues of "at-will" employment to make their quarterly numbers, but that razor cuts both ways. Many younger employees wonder why Boomers would give their life to a business that can and sometimes does replace workers at the drop of a hat.

Newer generations are not so willing to accept widely accepted business norms. A 60-hour work week might be seen as a badge of courage honour for older generations, but many in younger generations see that kind of thought process as being both inefficient with time management and sometimes even sad. Older generations might view these younger generations as lazy or not committed. It all depends on how you view the world. The important point for businesses to consider is are you telling the right message, in the right channel, to the right people at the right time?

This is where Fifth Ring can help. Drop us a line and let us help you see how a recruitment marketing plan can put you on the right road in your quest to attract the best and brightest.