You don’t generate leads with ‘just a website’

Having a website with basic functionality is essential to running a business. Unfortunately, that is where a lot of companies stop. We’re often asked if we can ‘just build a website that will generate leads.’

But it is NOT that simple. A website will get lost in a sea of Google results if it is built and left.

Successful brands understand that in order to generate leads, fill their pipeline and meet the sales goals they need to adopt a different mindset. One that is open to testing, measurement and continuous improvement.

Fifth Ring’s methodology treats your website as a living, evolving, ever-improving asset. Our focus is on improving performance to deliver long-term value.

The Growth Driven Design Process

How to get more qualified, better-informed leads from your website

You need an audience

To get your website working for you and to start growing your pipeline you need to build an audience. This audience doesn’t even need to be that big. A small, well-targeted and engaged audience will often generate the most revenue.

If you really understand your target market then you will know where to find your customers and the pain points that impact their day-to-day jobs. From here you can build a strategy that will get your business in front of this audience.

And, you need fresh content

A website without a stream of fresh and engaging content will very quickly go stale. To build an audience online you need to start thinking about the type of content that will generate engagement with your target audience.

Content is full of stories and stories bring your brand to life; “We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” — Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human

When you don’t produce content you fall into the trap of buying ads. You try and take shortcuts to get your brand in front of your target audience. Ads are great when you want to build attention but you still have to persuade people that you can help solve their specific problem.

And, you need to build trust

A website is great. But you won’t sell any of your products or services if your audience does not trust you or your brand. In order to build trust, the content your produce should focus on adding value instead of pushing products.

Things like case studies, datasheets, testimonials, webinars, blogs, podcasts and go-to-guides are all brilliant methods of showing proof and building trust.

Combined with a good CRM system and clear call to actions you will begin to build a strong and engaged audience that trusts your brand.

A final thought

If your goal is to increase your lead generation via your website then you need to be patient. It is not as simple as pushing the go-live button. You need to develop a consistent stream of fresh content to engage with your audience and deploy a CRM system to capture data and nurture relationships.

If you don’t begin to generate new leads, then don’t despair. It just means you need to put more time and effort into the process. By testing different types of content and optimising your website you will eventually find the perfect combination.