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The best independent agency in Scotland

The annual report of the top 100 performing UK agencies is based on an analytical survey of two years accounts and covers all financial metrics. The survey looks right across the spectrum of the marketing mix and compares agencies working in advertising, design, PR, digital and experiential fields.

Beyond the financial metrics the survey also includes client interviews and testimonials with a focus on client satisfaction and the quality of service received.

This ranking is based solely on the UK revenue and performance, and if we were to include our performance in Asia and North America we would have achieved a much higher ranking.

We pride ourselves on the collaborative approach we take within the agency, and very rarely is a project completed without some involvement from each of our teams.

Our CEO, Ian Ord, commented, “I am incredibly proud that Fifth Ring has ranked so highly in the agency census on our first attempt. The rating is especially important, as it not only confirms our commercial success but also how highly we are perceived by our clients.

It is a testament to the hard work of everyone in the company to have been commended so highly by our peers for the overall performance of the business. We are focused on leading the world in B2B marketing communications and this report clearly shows we are on the right track.

This recognition goes a long way to demonstrate our sustained dedication, our standard of services and the efforts of our hardworking and talented staff. We look forward to continuing our record of excellence in the UK and replicating our number one status in every one of our locations worldwide.”

68th was good for our first attempt but next time we are aiming for the top 20.

To review the full results visit here.

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News · 21st of January, 2019 · 1 minute ·