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Inbound in the Energy Industry

1. Boost Search Engine Rankings

B2B buyers start their research for products and services on Google. Users search to solve problems, to complete tasks, and to “do” things.

Search has evolved from basic keyword search to providing the right content to the right user at the right time. For B2B marketers to succeed with inbound marketing the focus should be on helping the user along their journey (persuading them a bit along the way) to accomplish their task.

2. Generate Quality Leads

Lead generation is the number one goal for B2B energy companies to achieve sustained growth.

As traditional oil and gas businesses transition to an ‘energy model’ and embrace new technologies there is an immediate need to generate new leads.

Inbound marketing can support the communication of new brand stories, product launches and growth of existing clients. By developing content that resolves your clients’ pain points and provides value you can target them directly – reducing waste.

Engaging 50 quality leads that are interested in what you offer is a far better model than reaching 500 leads that are not.

3. Nurture Leads Through the Sales Cycle

We know that in the B2B energy sector sales cycles take longer than in other industries. There are more decision-makers to convince, and their decisions are often based on personal preference.

Inbound marketing is perfect for nurturing leads through the sales cycle with valuable and informative content. The content created will tackle objections, identify solutions, and provide valuable insight to support your sales team to close deals.

The Inbound Flywheel

4. Manage customer relationships

In the energy industry, it is important for businesses to deepen their relationship with customers, service users, investors and suppliers.

Forging strong relationships and keeping track of prospects is crucial in lead generation and customer retention, which is at the heart of the inbound process. Through a CRM you can visualise every communication with your contacts in one place – a simple, custom dashboard that can tell your sales team the history of a customer’s relationship with your brand.

If your serious about generating leads you need a strategy for the future and a well-managed CRM will play a key role.

Through a combination of technical and energy domain expertise, we deliver integrated lead generation and inbound campaigns to support our clients to sell more stuff. If you would like to hear more about our inbound methodology get in touch.

Insights | Selling Stuff | Trade Show Support · 7th of July, 2021 · 4 minutes ·