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How to get more from your next marketing campaign

Preach To The Nearly Converted

You can easily get a customer in line at a fast food restaurant to upgrade from a medium to a large. The hard part is getting that person in the door in the first place.

Think about the last advert you saw for a mobile phone. It didn’t spend time trying to convince you that you need a mobile phone. It did not talk about how great mobile phones are or how much better they are than landlines.

The last mobile phone ad you saw assumed you were already in the market for a new phone. That’s their target audience. The ad is focused on explaining why their product is the best product for you. It takes better quality pictures, stores more data, and won’t run out of battery when you are on a video call.

Technology companies are quite good at marketing themselves. They know what works and where to invest their budgets. They also know that they need to be smart with their messaging to get a good return on investment.

Strong marketing doesn’t waste time trying to convert the unwilling. Strong marketing is designed to quickly qualify the audience and make the most of the low hanging fruit.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

In order to effectively manage marketing campaigns you need to get in the head of your ideal customer. If you want to change campaigns into cash, you need to start every project with who you are selling too. Who is involved in the buying process? What makes their job hard? What makes them feel good?

If you know your ideal customer, you can start figuring out how to convince them to buy your product or service.

Studies show that 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotions. So your job is to build that connection. Highlight the emotional response a consumer will achieve by using your product. As the old saying goes – sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Experience is everything

Nobody wants to be sold to. Ever. If you think about the last big purchase you made you probably asked your network whether they’ve tried the product or service, and whether they would recommend it.

90% of buyers conduct primary research to find a business and 82% of them read reviews before making a decision. This tells us that the majority of buyers are looking to their peers before making a purchase decision. A little online due diligence could spare them from a bad experience or poor investment.

This is where case studies, testimonials, and reviews will all help you build the proof you need to convince your buyers. Have you recently accomplished something big for a client? Do you have a process or product that has saved significant time? What problems have you solved for your clients?

The answer to those questions will help you craft compelling content for your case study. Then, all that is left to do is put it in the hands if your sales team to begin talking to customers.

The Magic Ingredient For Marketing Success

There is a lot that goes into developing a revenue-generating marketing plan. But here are some of the standard principles that you should build your next campaign around:

  • Where you can, find quick wins
  • Build an emotional connection with your ideal customers
  • Make it easy for your customers to find proof

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Selling Stuff | B2B Marketing · 2nd of September, 2020 · 1 minute ·