Building Engagement with the 'Always On'

The world around us has changed, our lives are becoming increasingly busy and we are now living in an age of 'always on.'

We pick up emails from home, tweet social media updates from the bus and receive updates from the news immediately. It can be hard to keep up, so it's no wonder that businesses find it harder to reach and engage with people when they are competing for their precious time and attention.

Businesses are not only competing against one another for the attention of their customers, they are competing with their customers' friends and families, their interests and hobbies and their social lives.

The shift to 'always on' requires a change in marketing strategy.

Pushing sales messages to a mass audience doesn't cut it, neither does shouting the loudest. To drive results and create a real impact, you need to cut through the clutter in a meaningful way and really engage with people. To do this, you must adopt a new mindset where you first take the time to build an understanding of your target audience, their pain points and the full customer journey.

When executed properly, your marketing activity is a hugely powerful and successful revenue driver. It creates meaningful connections with your customers and adds value to their lives, educates them on the benefits of your products and services and, most importantly, drives leads and sales in new and exciting ways.

Delighting your customers is what fuels inbound marketing.

The world of sales and marketing has changed, and it’s no longer enough to simply push out your sales messages to your target audience.

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