13 tips from marketers across the globe

In amongst the keynotes and presentations at the INBOUND 2017 conference in Boston, we took the time to ask marketers from around the world for their top marketing tip. We heard loads of great advice, and decided we needed to share it.

Before initiating a marketing campaign, be sure to truly look at the world through the eyes of your customers."

- Donny Makower, President of Red Interactive (@REDinteractive)

"Be authentic. Be human. People trust people."

- Ali Schwanke, CEO & Founder of Simple Strat (@alischwanke)

"They ask, you answer."

- Marcus Sheridan, Founder & President of The Sales Lion (@TheSalesLion)

"Include calls-to-action in every piece of content you produce."

- Garrett Moon, CEO & Co-Founder of CoSchedule (@garrett_moon)

"Create content that your audience actually needs."

- Jared Macdonald, Founder of AX Growth (@Jared_Macdonald)

"The best way to get started with video is to... make a first video! Then, throw it away and do another one."

- Matthew Pierce, Learning & Video Ambassador at TechSmith (@piercemr)

"Focus on being hepful within a topic, not just a keyword."

- Jeffrey Vocell, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot (@JVocell)

"Take the time to create a fab strategy, and then... execute, execute, execute!"

- John Kelleher, Director at ESM Inbound (@johnskelleher)

"Always proof read everything twice!"

- Lucy Seymour, Director at ESM Inbound (@lucymfl)

"Focus on personas and segmentation."

- Tyler Sprunk, CMO at Simple Strat (@getsprunk)

"Always know your target audience and have a consistent message."

- Nerissa Lawford, Marketing Manager at AVEVA

"Don't forget to do the math at the end of everything."

- Vanessa Erickson: Marketing Manager at AVEVA

"Don't suck at writing and communication!"

- Kenny Lange, Founder of PHNX21creative (@KennyLange)


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