Brand Building

"The perfect brand is in the overlap of a united vision, culture and image. It all starts with creating an inspiring vision about where you want to be in five years, then managing perceptions of image and driving a culture change to support the brand promise.

It’s inspiring to see the dramatic change in a company from the inside out."

Brand & Strategy

“To become a globally recognised and established brand you need to create, tell and present the universal stories about your company with consistency and flair to your customers and employees.

As an agency we work with you to identify the fundamentals of your story and develop a meaningful understanding of your business. Using our signature collaborative process, we link your messaging and brand with strategic direction to improve your company’s position in the marketplace.”

Group director, strategy
Peter Lyall

Discovery Research

“To determine your differentiator, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of how your brand is perceived with key stakeholders in the marketplace. We find that qualitative research, such as focus groups, detailed questionnaires and customer surveys, is often eye-opening for our clients. Discovery research lays the foundation for the platform development phase that follows.”

Regional Director Americas
Laura Glueck

Competitor Analyses

“A competitor analysis is about identifying the messaging prevailing in the marketplace. How are your competitors talking to your potential customers on- and offline? How does that compare to what you’re doing? With due diligence, an in-depth competitor analysis will help us determine a gap in messaging for customers that your business can fill with a new brand strategy.”

Brand Positioning

“Getting members of leadership in one room for a brand workshop is one of the most fundamental aspects of the building brands process. Open discussions with the client produce the inputs for our team to create our interpretation of the story, and how the brand should be positioned going forward.”

Group director, strategy
Peter Lyall

Message Hierarchy

“The new message hierarchy is the culmination of all the inputs to date. It’s a key deliverable in the process with a fresh market space descriptor, mission, vision, value proposition and more. All delivered with the creative touch and technical expertise that makes us who we are.”

Creative Director
Alan Stobie

Brand Activation

“This is where we get to make thinking visible. We take the months of work that has gone into the new brand and we present it to the B2B space. We take an inside-out approach by starting with internal communications and transforming employees into brand ambassadors. From there, we communicate the new story to all the right people, through all the right channels, in the right way."

Regional Director Europe
Jennifer Maclennan

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