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Sustainability demands action from your company. Here's our guide to key terms.

Around the world and in every industry, customers, investors, regulators and a wide range of other stakeholders are demanding that companies increase their commitment to sustainability.

Today, having a sustainability strategy, sustainable policies and evidence of sustainable actions can be essential prerequisites to attracting investment.

Addressing sustainability is complex. Despite its centre stage role in the news agenda, there remain low levels of sustainability knowledge, skills and evidence of application to support companies’ transition and reach net zero targets.

How to speak about sustainability

One of the first steps necessary in developing a response lies in understanding sustainability’s lexicon. The sector may be relatively new, but it’s already developed its own common language. Understanding sustainability’s language gives you entry into the conversation. To help you, we’ve created a sustainability glossary.

From the boardroom to business networking and beyond, using the right words and phrases – and understanding others when they use them– can give greater confidence and credibility to you and your business. Conversely, not being able to talk the talk can quickly expose knowledge gaps. That could impact reputation for you and your company’s brand.

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Complex terms made easy

Our glossary is a first step toward developing a shared understanding of what’s being discussed – the basic building block underpinning successful change. It’s a tactical content tool for marketers and senior leaders who need a quick reference guide for some of the more complex sustainability terminology.

Clear information is absorbed fastest. From Cap and Trade to ESG and Scope 3, we’ve provided plain language definitions for the terms you need to know. Quickly.

Alongside our sustainability glossary, we’ve launched a series of ESG Insight blog posts that highlight the key sustainability issues affecting modern business and how to communicate about them successfully.

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Energy Insights · 6th of March, 2024 · 1 minute ·