Insights · 22nd of August, 2023 · 2 minutes ·

Enhancing Strategic Development: Leveraging ChatGPT's Efficiency

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, time equates to opportunity. This is where ChatGPT, an AI-powered tool, emerges as a game-changer in our workflow.

Gone are the long days of sifting through data for critical information. ChatGPT assumes the role of information curator, replacing hours of collation with minutes of prompt crafting. Allowing us to spend that saved time focusing on strategic ideation.

Productivity gains

ChatGPT allows you to compile data from multiple sources into a format you can quickly and easily digest or share with your team members. Gathering cross-sector market insights that make it easier to determine where to put your focus, allowing the team to spend more time creating new value.

Flexible and fast

Perhaps you’re looking to collate the most recent developments in social algorithms all in one place where you can easily understand them? Or you want to quickly codify what themes your competitors are using to build their content? Or you have been struggling to build a list of target LinkedIn personas that your next ad campaign can target?

Easy learning curve

ChatGPT avoids a complex user interface and operates through natural discourse. It’s like texting your friends. Just like texting your colleagues, it sometimes takes some practice and thought to get the reply that you would like.

By optimising routine and often mind-numbing tasks, ChatGPT contributes to powering our team’s productivity. We see it as an opportunity to save time on the research and dedicate more time to the how. Harnessing the value of deep thinking over disengaged data collection.

Small steps

Even the smallest tasks can be helpful. We asked chatGPT to summarise the key takeaways from this article for you so you don’t have to identify them yourself.

  1. ChatGTP’s distinctive efficiency – Doing boring tasks faster.

  2. Transformed data handling – Curating data that aligns with your objectives.

  3. Enhanced team productivity – Giving you more time for the fun stuff.

So, if you are finding it hard to create the time to do deep work, tackle strategic challenges, or just *think*, it might be time to adopt chatGPT or a similar tool as your information structuring assistant.

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Insights · 22nd of August, 2023 · 2 minutes ·