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From pitch to profit: how Gary Neville can help you score big in business

From beating the best footballers in the world to tackling the challenges of modern business and inspiring others, Gary Neville knows what it takes to be successful.

As a player on the pitch, the former Manchester United defender owned the space. He won every major trophy at club level (who can forget that dramatic Champions League win against Bayern Munich?) and enjoyed a successful international career as a player and assistant manager.

Since then, he’s developed a booming business empire, spanning the worlds of sport, academia, media, real estate, and place making.

The footballer, broadcaster and entrepreneur is the latest well-known figure to visit Aberdeen as part of the Aberdeen Masterclass Festival, the events programme designed and curated by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Fifth Ring. The event on March 13 at the Music Hall will be a rare opportunity to spend an evening with one of the most fascinating and driven people in the UK today.

How can Gary’s journey so far benefit your business?

Identify and pursue opportunity

Gary’s journey from football to entrepreneurship is an example of how a person or a business can successfully pivot and move into new spaces. In today’s challenging business world, where competition is always looking to nutmeg you, breaking into new markets can provide a great opportunity for growth. But to do that requires skill, speed, and a strong voice.

Make yourself understood

From analysing player performances to discussing how to boost profit margins, Gary is known for his strong opinions and standing his ground. Authenticity plays a key role in his defence of his personal brand and his business interests. Communicating his points in an authentic and no-nonsense manner is key to keeping people on side across all walks of his multi-faceted career. Communicating with authenticity and clarity is vital for your business, too.

Class of 92 – make connections

Academia is another area where Gary has skin in the game. Along with other members of Manchester United’s famous Class of 92 including his brother Phil, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes, he co-founded the UA92 university academy, which is linked to Lancaster University.

Collaborating with educational establishments can offer businesses a pathway to the next generation of talent. In a tight labour market, communicating how you will invest in their career journey will help you beat the opposition to attract the right people for your business’s long-term future. In the same way, emphasising your commitment to your existing talent will help you motivate and retain your best players.

Be more Gary

OK, we’re not saying you have to put on a pair of boots and shorts and go taunt the Kop at Anfield. But we are saying there are many things to learn from Gary Neville’s varied career that can help you push your business forward. Communicating your goals properly is essential, and at Fifth Ring we’re seasoned professionals in that game.

Sign up for An Evening with Gary Neville at the Music Hall, Aberdeen, on March 13 here.

B2B Marketing · 11th of March, 2024 · 1 minute ·