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Getting started with marketing automation

Why is marketing automation relevant?

The marketing budget is under more scrutiny than ever before. So it’s becoming ever more important to demonstrate a tangible return on investment for every marketing penny spent. The internet-age shift in power has transformed buying behaviour. Your customers and prospects now have access to more information than ever before, and are finding information through their own research (search engines, social networks, blogs etc). In order for your messages to get through, you need to be more targeted than ever before.

Marketing automation software directly addresses these challenges, by demonstrating end-to-end ROI across all of your marketing activity, and empowering you to get the right message to the right audience, at the right time. Ultimately, marketing automation software will increase your flow of in-bound sales-ready leads.

What can Marketing Automation do for me?

The benefits are numerous. Manage all inbound and outbound goal-oriented marketing activities across multiple channels. Create tailored and personalised content. See end-to-end ROI on all campaign activities enabling you to continually fine tune your campaigns.

Through lead scoring functionality you can highlight your most engaged prospects. This means you can get the right content to the right prospects when they need it most. You’re engaging your audience. You’ll get a greater response. You can now nurture leads through the entire buyer journey. And that can mean more sales.

But isn’t it incredibly time consuming and difficult to implement?

It’s no silver bullet. It requires a solid strategy and careful and considered planning if you are to reap the benefits. Not to mention a flow of targeted and relevant content to ‘feed the machine’. But with the right strategy in place and the right approach to ‘on-boarding’ you will reap the rewards.

I’ve also heard it’s very expensive.

Not necessarily. Yes, there are enterprise level products on the market which come with a hefty license fee ($100,000+) requiring weeks worth of setup and training, but there are platforms out there which come at a fraction of the cost making them accessible to businesses of any size. Fifth Ring and Iteo are highly experienced with these platforms, and can have your business up and running with marketing automation software in no time. Find out more at our free seminar in Aberdeen.

Seminar details:

Date: Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Aberdeen Airport

Time: 08:00 –11:00


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B2B Marketing · 23rd of February, 2016 · 1 minute ·