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FR hops in to help RGU.

We kept the brief open. Choose a communication channel.

It could be an existing platform or medium, or an entirely new one. The main thing was this: do it in a way that’s not been done before. A big ask. But it makes for big thinking.

And to keep this in the real world, we left the proposition portion of the brief open.

Students were going to have to devise it themselves. Think ahead. Develop a strategy before the creative work begins. Welcome to agency land.

The day was rewarding, with some interesting and insightful concepts created by the students. Some strong positioning work was developed, but most importantly, everyone had fun. Ultimately, the experience has helped the students gain some worthwhile experience.

Our Creative Director, Alan, said it was extremely rewarding to see the students rise to the challenge with such enthusiasm, gaining an insight into how creatives work and how thinking can evolve. He and the team enjoyed every minute of it.

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News · 11th of May, 2022 · 1 minute ·