Create buy-in, not zoom backgrounds

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. It’s all good tactical stuff. But if you are to truly drive meaningful change, you first need to focus on the what, not the how.

A better starting point than ‘how do I replace a quick coffee drop in’ is ‘how do I generate buy-in digitally’.

Why is this better?

This starts with a huge opportunity, not a small problem. As such, the potential gains are far greater. The options are far broader. The mind-set is more positive, and the end goal much clearer.

It’s also bigger. Much bigger.

So big, in fact, that you might look away, pretend that the big hill doesn’t matter. Invest the time instead in replacing the coffee drop-in, or in creating some nice new branded zoom backgrounds. Did I say invest? I meant waste.

You might need some help to get started.

I’d love to discuss what digitally generated market buy-in could look like for you, and perhaps explore how we can start generating some.

You can get in touch here.