BBN Golden Bees for Fifth Ring

Fifth Ring joined BBN (Business To Business Network) agencies from around the globe that had gathered in Paris for the annual Golden Bee Awards, a glittering awards ceremony held at Château de Neuville-Bosc.

Celebrating the best of B2B marketing campaigns and programs, the Golden Bee Awards are designed to recognise the work completed by BBN agencies over the previous 12 months and all that’s great about being part of BBN.

We are delighted to announce that Fifth Ring won two awards at the ceremony: the ‘Best use of strategic planning’ award for the international repositioning work done for Bracewell LLP, as well as the ‘Best use of event marketing’ award for the promotion of Sandvik at OTC 2017.

The other winners for this year’s awards are:

Best integrated campaign

Winner: True

Campaign: Go Digital. Go Yell

Client: yell

Best use of direct marketing:

Winner: IDBBN

Campaign: Samsunt Smartsign Launch

Client: Atea

Best public relations campaign:

Winner: ComCorp

Campaign: Cybermarket security challenges

Client: McAfree

Best use of creative:

Winner: ARK Communications

Campaign: The eneloop expedition 2100

Client: Panasonic Energy Europe

Best use of digital technologies:

Winner: GetIT Comms

Campaign: Think CIO

Client: Lenovo

Best use of social media:

Winner: M&a

Campaign: Bums on Seats

Client: National Dental Care

Best use of content marketing:

Winner: GetIT Comms

Campaign: Think CIO

Client: Lenovo

Best website:

Winner: Bader Rutter

Campaign: BRD Solutions

Client: Zoetis

Best Idea Never Executed:

Winner: M&a

Campaign: “Our Time” – event idea

Client: SAP Australia & New Zealand

Special Awards

Best Task Team of the Year:

BAM – Curtis Gorrell, Rodger Jones, Peter Lyall & Gunnar Schnarchendorff

Best Coordinator of the Year:

Chloe Lackman – tag enterprise

‘Rising Star Award’ – Bronwyn Cook

Agency of the Year

BBN UK – True

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!