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Beyond Likes and Shares: A roadmap to mastering social media algorithms

The Impact of Social Media Algorithms on B2B Marketing

Social media algorithms play a critical role in B2B marketing, as they determine the content shown to individual users based on their likelihood of engagement.

Leveraging these algorithms strategically can help businesses connect with their desired audience, directly communicate with potential clients, and gain valuable audience insights.

In this guide, we will explore the evolution of social media algorithms and provide actionable approaches for B2B marketers to succeed in the ever-changing landscape.

The Evolution of Social Media Algorithms in B2B Marketing

Curated Algorithms:

In the early days of social media, curated algorithms were dominant. These algorithms curated content from accounts and people that users followed, leading to eventual content exhaustion and user attrition. To address this issue, social media platforms shifted towards recommendation algorithms.

Recommendation Algorithms:

Around 2015-17, platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook) gained prominence and introduced recommendation algorithms. These algorithms tracked user behaviour, interactions, and engagement with content to recommend personalised content and can now be seen on B2B-focused platforms like LinkedIn. This change revolutionised social media marketing, giving rise to influencers and online brands. However, it also made organic growth more challenging due to increased quality and guideline requirements.

Understanding the B2B-Specific Algorithms

The Moderation Algorithm:

To maintain content quality and adherence to guidelines, most social media platforms employ "write-path classifiers" as a moderation algorithm. This algorithm analyses uploaded posts and compares them with existing content on the platform to determine relevance. While this approach focuses on engaging current followers, it does not directly help businesses reach new audiences.

The Growth Algorithm:

The "read-path model" represents the growth algorithm, which considers engagement factors after content analysis. If a post is eligible for the first push to existing followers, engagement metrics like comments and likes influence whether it receives a second push for organic reach. Understanding this algorithm is crucial for reaching new followers and boosting sales in B2B marketing.

Generative AI Algorithm:

Leading platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) utilise generative AI algorithms to enhance in-app engagement. However, users have raised concerns about content relevance and exposure to a limited audience. B2B marketers must be aware of these algorithms to optimise content visibility.

Top Strategies for Success in B2B Social Media Marketing

"Take One Out" Strategy:

Conduct social listening to identify viral B2B content and extract common elements. Incorporate those elements into your original content to increase its chances of discovery and engagement without blindly following trends. Establish what makes your audience tick.

Network Bubble:

Build relationships with industry businesses and creators to generate targeted engagement from the start. Refining your network and followers, creating an engaged bubble can revive organic growth and reach relevant B2B audiences.

CTAs, CTAs & CTAs:

Experiment with indirect call-to-actions creatively representing your offerings or desired actions. Tailor your CTAs to align with each platform's user preferences and psychological nuances.


Navigating social media algorithms can be challenging, but understanding how they work is essential for B2B marketers.

Success lies in marketing fundamentals, comprehensive market research, and tailored strategies for each platform.

  • Stay informed about industry trends and user experiences to continuously fine-tune content and engagement strategies, ensuring maximum impact in B2B marketing efforts.

  • Social media algorithms offer immense opportunities for businesses to reach and engage their target audience effectively, and by implementing the right strategies, B2B marketers can leverage these algorithms to drive growth and success.

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Insights | B2B Marketing · 16th of October, 2023 · 3 minutes ·