4 Low-Cost Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Website visits affect lead generation, conversions and sales, so it’s no wonder why companies are constantly seeking new ways to generate more traffic.

Below are 4 low-cost ways to increase traffic to your website.

Add backlinks to your press release

The number one easiest and low-cost way to increase traffic to your website is to incorporate links to it as often as you can. Many times, adding a link is self-explanatory. However, there’s a trick to adding them within press releases. Because Google places a high value on backlinks, low-quality spam sites started to abuse the backlink feature in press releases to falsely build their rank and authority in Google search. Now, press release wires automatically mark backlinks as ‘nofollow,’ which blocks Google from crawling the link for SEO. Each backlink must be individually activated as a ‘follow’ link. Since you’re likely writing a legitimate press release, make sure to switch the backlinks to ‘follow’ in the html to link back to your high-value company website. This will both increase traffic to your website and boost SEO.

Use your social media effectively

You may be using social media, but are you using it effectively with the goal being to drive traffic to your website? You may be surprised. One of the biggest missed opportunities we see on B2B social media is the lack of a call-to-action (CTA) with a link back to a client’s website. At the end of every social media post, you should add a next step for the viewer; bonus points if that next step is a link back to your website. Thanks to the social media algorithms, your post may make it into the timelines of hundreds or thousands of new faces. You want to make it as easy as possible for those potential customers to access your website, and hopefully click around some more when they get there.

Produce evergreen content

Timely content–such as a blog about a recent event–will get results quickly, but the spike in analytics will fall just as fast. By the following week, it will be old news. Make sure to include evergreen content in your inbound strategy to create a series of pieces that can be utilized to drive traffic to your website over time, over and over again. Evergreen content can be FAQs, general industry blogs and more. Get creative with these pieces because you have time to repurpose them at different times and using different mediums to test results. Speaking of repurposing…

Repurpose existing content with Google Search Console

Utilizing free tools like Google Search Console is what can take the effectiveness of your marketing strategy to the next level. Google Search Console is a content management tool that allows you to easily dig up old content on your website, so you can see which pieces can be optimized and repurposed. This will not only boost your SEO and website traffic, but will also save your teams time from churning out new repetitive content when there’s already a skeleton outline with the same topic buried in your archives.