10 Things Marketers Are Thankful For

Our Houston office sat around the table over Thanksgiving and reflected on the things that make us thankful to work in the marketing industry. Here, in no particular order (because number 10 is number one in our hearts), is our top 10:

  • Collaboration Platforms. SmartSheet, Basecamp, Google Drive, DropBox,. The ability to work collaboratively, on the same projects and at the same time as others, makes projects run more smoothly and cohesively. Plus, nobody wants that many emails in their inbox for twenty different versions of a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Content Schedulers. Hootsuite, HubSpot, SharpSpring, Buffer, MailChimp, the list could go on. These time-saving softwares make our days more efficient.
  • Clients. We’re pretty sure this one isn’t marketing specific but we are extremely thankful for our clients, especially when they are as engaged in the marketing process as we are.
  • Creative Teams. Where would we be without our creative teams? They turn ideas into wonderful masterpieces, whether it’s a print ad in a local newspaper or a 12-month integrated marketing campaign, they know how to visualize our thoughts.
  • Digital Teams. We can’t give a shout out to the creative teams out there without giving one to the digital teams as well. As we all know, having a digital strategy in place is a crucial component of any marketing plan and without a digital team to consistently monitor analytics and reports, we wouldn’t be able to continuously improve our offering.
  • BBN. This one may be more specific to Fifth Ring, but we are immensely thankful for our international peers at the Business to Business Network (BBN). Through this extended network, we benefit from culture checks, experts in every industry and market, the mobility to work in every time zone around the world, and of course, the annual BBN Academy.
  • Multi-media in B2B. The rise of multi-media, in general, is exciting for marketers. But Fifth Ring is particularly thankful for the rise of multi-media in B2B marketing and we’re sure other B2B agencies are too.
  • A Good Brainstorm. Just like authors have writer’s block, marketers can sometimes have creative blocks. Brainstorming sessions help to spark ideas. They are where many campaign plans begin and they encourage collaboration across different marketing departments. Fun fact, we even had a brainstorm to come up with this list.
  • Open Working Environments. Yes, open plan working spaces can have their ups and downs, and most people either love them or hate them, however, for marketers these workspaces come in handy, very handy, especially in agency life. At Fifth Ring, we call it the Bullpen Area; it is the perfect space to bounce ideas off one another.
  • Coffee. This one speaks for itself.