Brand Building

We help our clients build better brands.

Brands are like people. They have personalities. At Fifth Ring we know the key driving factors to help create, build and maintain the personality of your brand.

These can be extremely complex.

We’re also expert in brand repositioning to ensure yours remains true to you and your customers.

We have the experience and the expertise with large multinational corporations and their brands to make it a simpler process.

We don’t just understand the mechanics. We know what drives behaviour and influences decision making. We know what factors affect engagement with your brand. But most of all, we know how to define and increase value in your brand.

We’ll dig deep to ascertain what your brand needs. And something very important. We’ll go beyond ascertaining what makes your brand. We’ll look at the ‘why’. 

We are often asked to:

  • Craft corporate values and behaviours
  • Conduct (or collate) discovery research
  • Develop new brand identities
  • Identify the current market position 
  • Uncover our clients' differential
  • Plan and manage brand portfolios 
  • Formulate go to market strategies
  • Provide strategic counsel 

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