When we first met with Technip in 2009, we saw a company on the verge of becoming a victim of its own success. Due to rapid ongoing growth and its regional structure, the Group had become an international collection of disparate logos and branding. The organisation remained a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, offering the best solutions and most innovative technologies. But, it wasn’t telling people about its offer in a consistent or effective manner.

We delivered fully integrated, international marketing communications support to help launch a coherent brand and consistent culture. Our goal was to change behaviours and realign the regional corporate experience.

The strategy piece alone was a huge undertaking but was planned and executed in just one year with the support and participation of top management. We successfully collected perspectives from customers and media, while all employees were invited to contribute to an online quantitative survey, made available in three languages.

We used the collected data to great effect in helping the company produce a new brand portfolio strategy, designed to manage the disparate collection of regional brands, international joint ventures, product brands and names. We also produced a clearer international identity and consistent messaging.

To ensure every region fully understood and utilised the new conventions, we compiled and produced guides to the brand’s style and tone of voice. Not only did this align the external identities of the divisions, it also enhanced the sense of internal unity and tackled behavioural issues, as various entities were finally working in the same way.

Take it further®
The essence of the brand identity was simple, yet was also intended to challenge and inspire the team to Take it further®. This strapline gave the team a shared sense of purpose and achievement. At last, the organisation’s commitment to providing superior customer experiences was properly articulated and appreciated.

The next challenge was to change attitudes and behaviours within the organisation. We encouraged the entire team to get behind a ‘one Technip’ principle, to get it working and acting as a single unit. Setting out formal company values and linking these to HR and other key functions were central to achieving this.

Over six months, the launch of the values, a new set of beliefs and a brand promise was cascaded across a comprehensive action plan and the following tactics and tools:

  • Internal posters
  • Employee handbook
  • Company intranet
  • Managers’ toolkit including launch video from the chairman
  • Company newsletters
  • Exhibitions
  • And several other independent projects that included Entities magazines, for example, Fleet News

Conversely, the international launch of the realigned, reunified brand took place on a single day. This was hugely successful, with each region celebrating the event in its own special way.

Technip is now, once again, a company with a belief in its entrepreneurial spirit, and has the reinvigorated motivation to push the boundaries of a dynamic industry. Fifth Ring continues to support the company's communications through a wide variety of ongoing projects.

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