Plant Integrity Management

Plant Integrity Management Ltd (PIM) specialises in the provision of integrity management services to oil and gas operators and service companies, providing consultancy, as well as strategic management support for critical plant and equipment. Established in 2011, they are the experts in helping clients manage the function and integrity of their assets.

The brief:

Their pool of talented and highly experienced engineers possesses an extraordinary depth of knowledge of integrity management and technical safety. In a nutshell, PIM ensures that highly detailed inspections of client assets are performed and any required repairs are carried out at the optimum time. Not too early and not too late – both can have extremely costly implications. But their expertise of systems and material integrity analysis know-how means they can tell exactly when clients’ assets should be replaced or repaired. 

They wanted to promote themselves with an advertising campaign. One with a sound strategy that would set them apart from their competition. So they spoke to us.

The strategy:

The world of integrity management is fairly prevalent in industry circles. So naturally everyone is an expert, able to deliver expert help and advice for maintaining the integrity of client assets.

From spending time with PIM, we knew they were different from their competition. Their expertise is second to none. They also have the technology that means they can pinpoint exactly when equipment and materials might be due to fail.

So we would develop a strategy that was a little different. One that would demonstrate PIM’s capabilities, but also reflect how PIM understands one of the key deciding factors for the industry at present. Cost efficiency.

The work:

Every advert out there for integrity management focuses on the technical intricacies and intellectual acumen of the people involved. And that’s great.

But when everyone talks in the same way, with the same message, paired with the same imagery, their ads simply become wallpaper. And that’s not good advertising. No sir.

Plant Integrity Management stands out from their competition. So we created ads that would reflect that. Our work would be truly individual. Of course, our client has immense technical know-how. They have phenomenal experience. In fact, their knowledge and experience enables them to greater pinpoint when it’s time to replace or repair a client asset. 

So how would we communicate this in a different way? Simple. 
The competition were busy telling clients when to replace or repair assets. So we would tell clients when NOT to replace or repair them, ensuring the replacements or repairs are carried out at the optimum time, saving money and avoiding unnecessary disruption. This better expresses a clear benefit to clients. 

And it created a different position for our client: PIM are the asset integrity experts that like to say ‘No’. It’s very different positioning to the norm. And a memorable one. 

Simple, highly distinctive headlines married with ultra-clean, uncluttered layouts. 

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