The brief

AGR had a great advertising opportunity with a high-profile space in Offshore Engineer. It was the chance to feature an article that also showcased a film detailing AGR’s software products. This film was promoted via Offshore Engineer newsletters and visible on its landing page.

They’d been running this article online for a number of weeks. But it hadn’t been too successful for them. Their film had only received around 1,600 clicks.

So they approached us. What could we do to make this content more engaging? Could we do anything to increase viewer engagement – how could we encourage viewers to click on the video and watch it?

Fifth Ring’s idea

The answer was a simple one, really. First of all, we looked at the headline.

It currently read:
Increase cost-efficiency and improve decision-making.

Now don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing essentially wrong with that. But everyone in the oil and gas industry is using the terms ‘cost-efficiency’ and ‘improved decision-making’. And this was appearing on Offshore Engineer – a site where the terms ‘cost-efficiency’ and ‘improve decision-making’ will feature rather a lot. As a line it’s fine, but let’s just say it could be a little more engaging.

So we set about rewriting it.

We watched the film. We looked at the key points and set about creating something that would attract attention, interest and encourage viewers to find out more.

The result was this:
You’ve found the oil. Now drill into significant cost-savings.

This line now had a little more personality. Instantly, our targets could relate to it. Finding oil is only the start. It’s seeing big cost-savings from their drilling operation that’s the key. As a line, it’s more engaging and it’s a direct call to action.

Then it was time for the copy.

We’d created an engaging line, so we’d do the same with the copy. The copy bounced along, saying it like it is, and getting to the point succinctly. We listed the benefits of using the software. And we made sure we had a call to action, inviting users for a free trial.

It worked.

The proof

The click rate rose dramatically. From an initial 1,600 clicks, engagement rose substantially to 4,440 views. A 178% increase. And that was in just 14 days.

And it didn’t stop there. In less than a month, visitor numbers grew from 1,600 to 7,066. A rise of 342%.

It just goes to show. If you make something interesting, people will be interested.

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