University of Aberdeen Development Trust

The University of Aberdeen Development Trust wanted a unique identity that would create a brand platform for continual fundraising activities. The Development Trust sits as a standalone organisation under the umbrella brand of the University of Aberdeen. They wanted an identity that would stand the test of time, not something that would be solely campaign led.

So they approached Fifth Ring.

We set to work devising a strictly controlled identity programme that would preserve the relationship of the Trust to its parent brand in all its communications activities.

We started by evaluating the relationship between ‘University of Aberdeen’ and ‘Development Trust’ in the context of their logo. We looked at the visual and verbal expression of the brand, its broad themes and its messaging. This allowed us to make informed decisions on creating and developing related collateral for the flexible distribution of information.

Key to the project was the development of key messaging that would continue the momentum of giving, following the success of the Sixth Century Campaign. The Development Trust needed a focus that would help them communicate more effectively with their donors and other stakeholders.

This gave us a real challenge:

Thankfully, we love a challenge.

A central idea was developed, giving the Development Trust a position that brought key themes together – preservation of heritage, patronage of students and progress of innovation. This reflects a sense of pride to everyone involved, from Alumni to academics, corporate donors to internal trustees. It’s future facing and traditional, all at the same time.

We devised a tagline that answered everything perfectly.

With this well-considered strapline, we combined the identity with clearly defined messaging and considered design, as well as innovative illustration techniques to create some powerful work.

The result? Branding with a feeling of worth. One with gravity and stature. One that reflected the true value of how it feels to give a legacy to such a worthwhile cause.

After all, a great cause deserves great work.

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