We're Hiring a Mid-Weight Copywriter

Based in Our Aberdeen, Houston or Singapore Office

To exceed client expectation through the generation and development of creative concepts and ideas for all written outputs designed by Fifth Ring for global clients and internal communications.

In reality, this means you’re an ideas person. An ideas person that can be persuasive with a pen. Someone with the fire and the flair for turning the dull into the delightful, from a bus side to a massive global campaign.

This is a great opportunity to join an exciting creative team and work across all aspects of visual, aural and (oh go on then) tactile mediums. And we need someone that doesn’t acknowledge the impossible.

Interested? Send us your resume and show us what you can do. Better still, write something convincing.

The job description:
  • Coming up with creative ideas and concepts that fit the brief
  • Carrying out research on products/services/topics and understanding their target audience
  • Writing copy that is persuasive, engaging, and interesting to read
  • Producing and presenting a range of content options
  • Ensuring all content is ‘on brand’
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of copy across various platforms
  • Using stakeholder feedback to make any necessary edits
What we want to see / hear:
  • A remarkable portfolio.
  • Ideas, demonstrating how things can be done differently, regardless of format or delivery system.
  • Extremely collaborative, as comfortable working with people as working with Adobe.
  • Ability to inspire and guide the wider team to create ever-better work.
  • A keen understanding of the importance of immersing in the client challenge, and a proven ability to do so even in complex b2b industries.
  • Ability to discuss design decisions in the context of client business and marketing objectives.
  • Able to sell in your work.
Essential skills:
  • Strong creative and writing skills.
  • Passionate about marketing.
  • Never hide your feedback.
  • Never hide from feedback.
  • Able to quickly and effectively understand clients, and audiences.
  • Time management skills to maximize impact.
  • Continuous improvement mindset, able to review performance and improve impact.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, organize workload and work in a team.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to take direction when asked.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new techniques, technologies and concepts effectively.

Please send a resume to talent@fifthring.com

Interested in joining our ranks?

You’ll be passionate about something or other, and skilled at this and that, and driven to do some things. Talk to us.