We're Hiring: Art Director

Based in Our Aberdeen, Houston or Singapore Office

Once upon a time, in traditional types of ad agencies, there was a type of person called an art director. The art director would team up with a copywriter to form a creative team. This proverbial visual powerhouse would take design to another level, devising concepts as well as looking at visual direction, imagery, layout, kerning, image selection and typography. But that was then.

Now, we are looking for the next level of art director. One that can work in ink, but can think in pixels. One that can influence campaign creation and roll-out, predominantly across digital channels, including extensive web design and inbound campaigns. This is a great opportunity to work with teams across the world, on international brands, creating fresh and extremely varied work that can, and will, get people talking.

Interested? Send us your portfolio and show us what you can do

The Job Description:

  • Play a central design role in our creative and digital functions.
  • Deliver excellent, proactive support of design aspects of our work for an ever-growing roster of international clients.
  • Work in tandem with colleagues across the agency to ensure creative continuity throughout our work.
  • Create new visual assets, visual style and creative content approaches for clients while adhering to brand guidelines.
  • Immerse yourself in the continuous improvement cycle, increasing impact for clients by driving creative and design responses to new insights

What we want to see / hear:

  • A remarkable portfolio.
  • Ideas, demonstrating how things can be done differently, regardless of format or delivery system.
  • Extremely collaborative, as comfortable working with people as working with Adobe.
  • Ability to inspire and guide the wider team to create ever-better work.
  • A keen understanding of the importance of immersing in the client challenge, and a proven ability to do so even in complex b2b industries.
  • Ability to discuss design decisions in the context of client business and marketing objectives.
  • Able to sell in your work.

Essential skills:

  • Strong creative and design skills.
  • Passionate about something.
  • Never hide your feedback.
  • Never hide from feedback.
  • Knowledge of current web standards and approaches.
  • Confidence to inspire and guide the wider team to ensure your vision is realized.
  • Time management skills to maximize impact.
  • Live, breathe and dream Adobe Suite.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, organize workload and work in a global team.
  • Be self-motivated and able to take direction when asked.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new techniques, technologies and concepts effectively.

Send your resume to houstontalent@fifthring.com

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