Who needs the X Factor when you’ve got Riff Thing and the Ringettes?

It was around about six weeks ago that Mr William Binnie poked his head round my desk and said, “You play drums don’t you?"  Having been with Fifth Ring for just under two months at that point and trying to make the right impressions and not anticipating a follow-up, I rather stupidly said yes.

Of course there was a response and no sooner had the words escaped my mouth than William had replied, “Right that’s the drummer sorted for the gig then” and walked away. Suffice to say I immediately regretted my decision as, save for a few drunken sessions on my mate’s kit, I was completely without any drumming experience.

“No matter”, I thought, how hard could it be; after all being a fan of Led Zeppelin and other rock bands I am no stranger to the air equivalent.

No doubt about that first practice was a bit ropey. What with my drumming and the dodgy equipment at the rehearsal studio our first session left us no further forward in determining whether we could pull it off. However spurred on by Dave Mac’s positive assessment of the evening we decided that between the four of us we could probably muster enough musicality to put on a gig for the rest of
the office.

The next four weeks of rehearsals flew by and what started off as four guys playing some tunes for the rest of the office quickly grew and before we knew it we had backing singers, costumes, entrance music, an MC for the evening, encores, karaoke (because it wouldn’t be right if only a few embarrassed themselves!) and a global audience in the form of Ed and the team in Houston.

The gig itself went, to the general consensus of everyone, pretty well. Sure there were a few bum notes and dodgy instrument playing but for the most, Riff Thing and the Ringettes was a complete success. Although playing to a shall we say ‘merry’ audience now doubt helped, making our first show the best since four lads from Liverpool took the US by storm all those years ago on the Ed Sullivan Show.

So well did that debut performance go that Riff Thing and the Ringettes will be appearing at another special Fifth Ring event this coming January although based on that stellar debut the appearance fee has trebled and these dates may or may conflict with the beginning of a sell-out residence at the O2.