Where Fifth Ring’s best and brightest are headed in five years

Fifth Ring has been named one of Houston’s best and brightest companies to work for and the recognition has come at a great time for growing our agency.

It’s an exciting time for Fifth Ring Houston, and not just because yours truly recently joined as the newest account director; we are also working towards our ambitious business growth plan for 2020, continuing the 23-year history of this global company.

The “Best and Brightest” honor denotes selected winners as guided by three core principles: Better Business. Richer Lives. Stronger Communities. 

“As you know, healthy work environments and motivated, engaged teams have been shown to translate directly to improved business performance and the financial health of the organization,” the ‘Best and Brightest’ organization notes.

Our team embodies that mission. I’ve witnessed day in and day out how Fifth Ring provides corporate communications advice to some of Houston and the world's strongest oil and gas companies with their core objectives guiding our strategies. 

In short: client success is our success. 

By the time our North American team blows out 10 birthday candles, we expect to triple the size of our team and client roster. Ambitious? Yes.  But certainly realistic given we’ve already outgrown our Heights–co–located office and soon plan to open our new, spacious digs in the Galleria.

We feel it’s important to push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. And nowhere is the oil and gas industry growing faster than right here in Houston.

A Japanese proverb seems appropriate for our mindset, given that Fifth Ring was named after The Book of Five Rings, penned by a Japanese swordsman: “The wise man keeps one eye on the future and one on the past.” 

If you’d like a little sample of the Fifth Ring work product, check out this Raytheon training video: Simulation Training for Oil & Gas Environments.

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