Where does the name Fifth Ring come from?

Understanding where our name comes from gives added insight into the way we work. It was chosen in 1991 by founding partners, Clif Collier and Ian Ord, to honour the wisdom of a Japanese 17th century master swordsman named Miyamoto Musashi.

The orphaned son of a samurai, Musashi drew on extraordinary self-discipline and commitment to master the art of sword fighting. Overcoming the odds, he fought more than 60 duels undefeated. He became so skilled that he could battle armed opponents using nothing but a stick. And win.

In 1643, Musashi retreated to the seclusion of a cave to live out his final days. During his time there he wrote a book detailing his philosophies on mastering the ways of the sword. That book was titled Go Rin No Sho or A Book of Five Rings.

Twenty-two years after our founding we continue to devote ourselves to the modern-day translation of Musashi’s approach, immersing ourselves in our specialism to ensure we always offer a performance better than any other.