What I learnt at the best marketing event in Scotland

The Turing Festival, held recently in Edinburgh, brought together some of the best marketers from across the globe to a sold out audience of eager minds, making it a very exciting event to be part of. I attended the first day – Full Stack Marketing – which was packed with valuable marketing tips, learnings and great examples that were just too good not to share.

1. Will anyone care? 

Your proposition needs to be clear and compelling. It needs to be simple. If you don’t understand what you’re trying to sell, then how will anyone else? Creating something simple is hard work, harder than you might think. But get it right, and it’s gold dust.

2. Show > tell. Humanise your brand

Here in the B2B space, we’re constantly told that B2C is more ‘emotional’ than B2B marketing. But that’s why it’s even more important for us to humanise our brands and connect to real people, real customers. Phil Nottingham at Wistia emphasised the importance of this. Why send out a mass email when you could record a short video resulting in a much more personalised and engaging piece of content? Check out their Christmas ‘we’re on vacation’ video for a great example of this. 

3. Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

How many adverts a day are we bombarded with? How many do we actually watch? The beauty of content marketing is that it allows brands the opportunity to promote themselves in a way that will actually capture peoples’ attention. A hard sell of your business through a pushy advert might not cut it, but a great blog post, video or infographic gives your audience engaging content which works in two ways. It creates a case study to say ‘look what we can do’ and at the same time it promotes your brand, but in a subtle, less pushy manner. If done correctly, content marketing will improve your bottom line, and will create a loyal following of your brand.

4. Great content still needs great promotion

So you’ve got a series of blog posts lined up waiting to go - but wait. You have no budget left to promote said blog posts. Promotion is every bit as important as the actual content itself. Without the correct eyeballs seeing these blog posts, how can your content be effective? Targeted promotion, particularly through social media channels is vital for a successful content marketing strategy. Keeping aside 30-50% of budget for promotion could be the difference between success and failure.

5. People want to follow a story

Storytelling is a huge part of our childhood and something we enjoy throughout our lives. People want to follow a story, and successful marketing campaigns are those which tell us a tale over a period of time. The 40th birthday campaign we ran for our client Expro did just that. The campaign included birthday cupcake vans which toured exhibitions and hotels, spreading the story of Expro’s 40-year contribution to the energy industry. Not only that, there was a structured, strategic PR programme behind the campaign.

So there you have it. Great marketing needs great storytelling that your audience can resonate with. The speakers and format of the festival were top notch and I can’t wait for next year’s event!

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