The Fifth Ring of Christmas

Things are getting Christmassy at Fifth Ring offices around the world. In a surge of festive cheer we recently took to the streets to spread some joy across the cities that we live and work in.

Other companies post Christmas cards to their clients, but we wanted to do something with a bit more meaning, and something fun! Never ones to send out tedious round robins with lists of what we’ve been up to - but appreciating the irony of this blog post going out to the whole internet - we thought it would be nice to give something back to the people who do good things around us, often unnoticed.

This year is our first ever celebration of the Fifth Ring of Christmas. Maybe your chocolate calendar doesn’t recognise it, but from now on the 15th of December will forever be known by that name. The Fifth Ring of Christmas is the day that Fifth Ringers across our world will do something special for others to celebrate the holiday season. This year, we wanted to reward strangers who do good deeds. Across time zones and all sorts of weather, Fifth Ringers in Aberdeen, Houston, Dubai and Singapore looked for people who were doing good for goodness’ sake and stepped in with a thanks offering from fate.

Whether people were working for a charity or just holding a door open for others, we approached good-doers and gave them a handwritten message from Fifth Ring. Each letter contained cash as a karmic reward for their kindness. Theirs to treat themselves or buy a gift for someone else.

To see what we got up to, check out the video here and for more photos and comments, join the conversation using #fifthringofchristmas.