Tea can take you places

I have just finished university, four years of studying done. At this time a lot of people start to panic, ‘What the hell am I going to do now?’ Luckily for me I already knew what I was doing after university - joining an exciting, international company and beginning my journey into the world of work.

Some would say luck, I would say in part yes, but I would also say in part tea! Then you might say, crazy? I would say no, the reason I managed to get a job straight out of university is due, in no small part, to making tea. In February of last year I started as an intern at Fifth Ring, doing a six-week placement as part of my university course. Here is probably where that little bit of luck came in, until tea took over.

You might think I am crazy, particularly when it comes to tea (although I do like tea), but I am not crazy (yet). The reason I have been ranting and raving about tea is that, for many people, intern and ‘tea-boy’ are interchangeable terms. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. When I started at Fifth Ring, in the business development & marketing department, I made it my mission to make lots of cups of tea. The reason being is that tea gets you talking and talking gets you involved. At Fifth Ring everybody loves a cup of tea. If you ask the question, “does anyone want a cup of tea?” to the open plan office, you better hope you are good at carrying A LOT of cups back from the kitchen! 

Throughout my time as an intern I worked in three separate departments. Starting in business development and marketing, moving to digital media and ending up in brand and strategy. I learnt more than I could have ever imagined on a huge variety of different tasks, none of them dull or unimportant! I was doing real work! I attribute this to accepting the small tasks and completing them to as high a standard as possible. Then you start to build a reputation and gain responsibility. Luckily Fifth Ring likes to get their interns properly engaged in the process and recognise enthusiasm and talent (hopefully I have some of that). As a result you build a real, enjoyable experience. All of this led to a permanent position in brand and strategy as a marketing communications executive, a dream start for me! 

At Fifth Ring we have five values and unsurprisingly for this blog post, I can relate them all to tea.

Daring to be different; everyone at Fifth Ring likes their tea a little differently (and whatever you do, don’t try to fool Ian into thinking his tea was made in the pot when in fact you cheated and made it in the cup, he will always catch you out).

Inspiring each other; nothing is more inspiring than seeing a colleague balance fifteen cups of tea in one hand whilst holding a conversation and opening a door all at the same time - having just navigated down a flight of stairs all without spilling a drop!

Considering our actions; you should always take consideration of how many people are in the room before you ask if anyone wants a cup of tea or you will end up in the scenario above. 

Mastering our subject; I am now pretty damn good at making tea.

Aspiring to greatness; One day, hopefully not too far in the future, I hope to be the person everyone else wants to make tea for!

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for such an exciting, dynamic and quickly expanding company! From being an intern through to now, every day has been different. But no matter how busy a day I am having, it's important to allow time to make someone else a cup of tea.