Swing4Saltire: inspiring the next generation of business leaders

On July 17, 2015 more than eighty golfers came out for the second annual Swing4Saltire golf tournament, despite the hundred-degree Houston heat. Fifth Ring was one of the main sponsors of the event and the Fifth Ring foursome placed seventh out of twenty-two teams.

We caught up with Derek Blackwood, Chairman of the Saltire Foundation and two scholars helping to organise the event. 

The Saltire scholars, with some guidance from the foundation ambassadors, organized the tournament. There were three main goals of the event: to raise more money than last year’s golf tournament, learn entrepreneurial leadership, and create connections with current business leaders.

The scholars were successful in their fundraising this year raising $21,500, which surpassed last year’s total of $13,000. The money raised from the golf tournament will go towards funding more internship opportunities for scholars admitted into the Saltire Scholars Undergraduate Internship Program. This program gives young scholars a unique ten-week internship, primarily in the United States or in Scotland, to give them valuable and professional experience extending beyond their undergraduate studies.

Derek Blackwood, chairman of the Saltire Foundation and former President-Americas of Wood Group, hosted the event and worked alongside the scholars. He was proud to see their success in organising the event and also saw this as a great learning opportunity for the scholars. Derek said, “This is an important lesson because the Saltire Foundation wants to teach scholars to use their talents and abilities to become a successful leader and communicator in their industry.” He went on to explain that placing the scholars in charge of the event gave each of them the opportunity to gain knowledge in entrepreneurial leadership.

The eight Saltire scholars at the event are currently spending their internship in various cities in Texas. Other than raving about the Houston Rodeo and Fourth of July celebrations, each scholar expressed their sincere gratitude for the Saltire Foundation. They explained how the foundation has been able to give each one of them an opportunity to create connections with international businessmen and businesswomen who have helped further their education and future career paths.

The event was truly a success as a fundraiser as well as a valuable learning opportunity for both leadership and communication skills. It is obvious that the Saltire Foundation has given these bright and hardworking scholars an education far beyond what is taught in a classroom. Through sponsorships from companies such as Fifth Ring, the Saltire foundation will continue to teach the next generation of business leaders the importance of entrepreneurial leadership and making international connections.

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