PRacticing PR: a foot in the door

In just under six weeks I’ve had the chance to become a fully-fledged (or as fully-fledged as anyone can be in that space of time) Starbucks-toting PR girl – and my experience with Fifth Ring has made me wake up and smell the coffee.

I have to be honest, the transition from the student environment to working life is a sharp reality check and even now over a month into my placement the snooze button still gets a good early morning work out!

Nonetheless as I step through the office doors of Fifth Ring, I’m not overwhelmed by feelings of dread or counting down the minutes ‘til naptime (I’m a big believer in napping) - I’m genuinely excited to be here and eager to get stuck in.

Before I arrived at Fifth Ring in a moment not too dissimilar from Harry Potter’s first time under the Sorting Hat (‘Not Slytherin, not Slytherin.') I pleaded with my placement adviser not to place me somewhere oil and gas related and looking back I realise how narrow minded of me that was.

Whilst Fifth Ring’s B2B communications offering is largely energy focused, during my time here I’ve also learnt an incredible amount about PR practices, brand strategy, human resources and perhaps most importantly myself and my capabilities.

In my first week it quickly became obvious that I was in for a challenge from the sheer amount I had yet to learn, but now just a week from the end of my time here I’ve been entrusted with many responsibilities including real client work and feel not just like a placement student, but a valued member of the Fifth Ring team.

It has to be said there are few organisations that have their own band, sweeties and cakes on tap and a dedicated happy hour on Fridays. But more than that the team dynamic here is second to none and it is so refreshing to be surrounded by people who exude passion for what they do and also each other.

Take me for example, even as I type, my computer background is set to a full screen image of Holly whom I met only five weeks ago, but have already formed a strong bond with, over our love of food, dramatic films and the notorious Wine Down Fridays. Though not all my friendships here are based on a solid foundation of food and alcohol, they will certainly be missed.

As my placement at Fifth Ring draws to a close there is a definite feeling of not wanting to leave – I’ve spent my last week scouting out potential hiding places – nonetheless equipped with my new-found knowledge and this truly unforgettable experience I’m eager to see what life throws at me next and this definitely won’t be the last you hear of Efia Sulter . . .