My path to Fifth Ring

If my career experience has taught me anything thus far, it is that professional development does not move as linearly as I expected.

I graduated from college in May 2012 with a degree in agricultural communications and journalism, and spent the following two years working in Texas state politics. There were aspects of that career path that I really enjoyed: the state capitol was my office; my friends and I worked in the same building; and I was exposed to many situations that taught me how powerful people communicate their interests and achieve their personal (and political) goals.

I moved on from the capitol to work in political fundraising, primarily corresponding with the oil and gas industry. Through that position I realized two things: I love oil and gas, and a career in fundraising is not for me.

Because of my interest in the oil and gas industry and my background on staff at my college newspaper, I decided the culmination of this experience would look something like oil and gas public relations. I researched internal corporate communications as well as agency positions, and found Fifth Ring at just the right time.

With my life and career in Austin hanging in the balance, I’m thankful my gamble went in my favor – though I’ll willfully admit it was an adjustment to not openly discuss political leanings in the office.

One of my favorite aspects of agency work so far has been the exposure to clients that represent many different parts of the industry. I joined the Fifth Ring team just in time for OTC, and that was a great showcase for how many different companies we work with – and how many are out there for future business. At the risk of sounding like the starry-eyed new kid on the block, there really are so many opportunities for our company to positively impact the oil and gas industry’s narrative.

Settling into life in Houston has been a process, but the team have been welcoming, the projects have been exciting, and I’m thankful to learn more each day from knowledgeable and encouraging colleagues.