Mastering our subject

Fifth Ring value, mastering our subject,  is defined by immersing ourselves in our clients’ industries as well as in our own, so that we may offer true insight.

I see this value lived out on a weekly basis across Fifth Ring. While our clients are mostly in the oil and gas industry, we have some outliers in other very different markets. Despite this spread, members of the team value learning and consistently seek to grow their knowledge to better serve our clients.

We use resources such as the regional media scans – daily digests of current affairs; we attend conferences, workshops and luncheons to learn about relevant trends; we read trade magazines to familiarise ourselves with industry developments; we talk to clients about news and concerns within their fields; and just as importantly, we tap into each other’s knowledge for well-rounded perspectives.

While we know that our knowledge will never be complete, we know that it can be greater, so that is what we strive for.