Life’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get

That famous line from Forest Gump couldn’t be more appropriate this week at Fifth Ring – both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Early this week there was giddy childlike excitement when the latest addition to our new Alice in Wonderland-themed meeting space arrived in the form of an oversized teacup.

And now, after a trip to Aberdeen sweet shop ‘Humbug’ on Rosemount, it has pride of place and is brimming with retro sugary treats.

No doubt stocks will diminish quickly as staff devour the tasty bites on offer during meetings in our new surroundings.

The traditional sweet shop is crammed full of retro sweets to excite even the most health-conscious among the Fifth Ring crew.

Just picking a chewy sweet or lollipop from the extensive selection is a mammoth task – the teacup of treats is stuffed with Wham bars, Highland Toffee, Blackjacks, Parma Violets and anything else you can think of.

After it was hoisted into position staff gathered in awe of the teacup’s contents. The taste of the chewy sweets, lollipops and chocolate conjuring up memories of our long-forgotten formative years. It’s a collection Willy Wonka would be proud of.

But the sugary treats weren’t the only sweet surprise to emerge from Humbug this week.

There was also a generous donation towards Fifth Ring and Friends’ quest to raise £2,000 for Monty’s Maggie’s Appeal as they prepared to cycle from Inverness to Aberdeen – a target now well and truly surpassed.

The unexpected cheque has taken us all by surprise and pushed our fundraising total to impressive new heights.

All that remains is for the team, which includes Ian Ord, Phil Allan, Andrew Rose, Jason Smith and Nick Dunn, to take on the gruelling 164-mile cycle from Aberdeen to Inverness this weekend.

And having now reached Elgin they’ll be in need of a few sugary treats to give them the energy burst needed to surge to the finish line.

(Sponsorship of the team has now closed – thanks to all that supported us.)