Hello, my name is ADIPEC

60,000 people are expected to visit ADIPEC from 10th - 13th November.  1,800 exhibitors from 95 countries will be exhibiting thousands of products and services covering every aspect of the oil and gas industry. Over 6,500 delegates and 600 speakers from 111 organisation across 37 countries will be participating in the conference, engaging in 81 technical conference sessions, a ministerial panel session, a keynote address, two executive plenary sessions, eight executive panel sessions, four academic sessions, and three IT security sessions.

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? So how can a delegate make the most out of their trip to ADIPEC? What can they possibly hope to achieve in four days? Is it securing the big contract? Finding the right product? Understanding the latest technology? Getting the best workout from walking through an exhibition space of 90,00 m2?

Surely you do not need to go to an exhibition or conference to do that. Pretty much any product you will see, any company that is there, and any topic that is discussed can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. The buying and selling of B2B services and products are done through complex buying models, and are not a spur of the moment decision while visiting an exhibition. But ADIPEC is not about shopping. It is about doing business.

And business, especially in the oil and gas industry, is about trust. It is about relationships. And in the Middle East, more than anywhere else, trust is essential to business. Relationships are personal. They involve a handshake, a look in the eye, an invitation for cup of coffee, and conversation. They are built over time, not over the phone. They are personal, not electronic.

The reason that ADIPEC has grown  to the size it is now is because it brings people together: buyers and sellers, locals and foreigners, businessmen and academics, technicians and engineers. ADIPEC is the place to meet people, to discuss ideas, to explore potential, to learn from others, and to broaden horizons.

As you plan your visit, look beyond plotting the companies that you want to see and the conferences you want to attend. Prepare to meet people, to engage in conversation, and to build relationships. Prepare to connect and be inspired.