Guidelines For Balancing Your Personal and Professional Social Media Persona

Being communication professionals,  we are expected to be on the forefront of emerging social media. We serve as the go-to experts for our clients on what social media channels they should be engaging in and how. Yet, many professionals find it hard to integrate their '9 to 5' persona with their weekend self. Below are guidelines that can help you find a happy medium.

People don’t hire companies, they hire people
By mixing in personal tweets and updates, clients, media and other industry professional are more likely to see you as a human and not a robot that is constantly pushing client coverage.

But at the same time, no one wants to know your life drama
Just broke up with your boyfriend? Next-door neighbor being obnoxious? Those updates are best kept to yourself. However, if something relatable and funny (even if it is a headache) happened to you like a pipe burst in your house you can tweet about it such as “A bathroom pipe burst and my house is filling with water, lucky I was fifth-grade swim champion!” Others can relate to this situation and it opens up an opportunity to engage.

Show your real self on social media
For some unknown reason, incredibly intelligent and influential business people tend to shy away from social media. They are willing to give their opinions on a restaurant down the street on TripAdvisor but are unsure how to tweet about an upcoming charity race. The fundamental truth is your personal life is almost undoubtedly more interesting than your business life. By unveiling a unique character trait, you become more memorable and approachable.

If all else fails think, “Would I want my boss to read this?”
If the answer is no, slowly step away from your computer. If discussing the topic to your boss you are about to broadcast to the world makes you uncomfortable, it is a sure bet you shouldn’t be tweeting it.

The simple truth is that today’s communication professional must balance their professional and personal social media presence to be the movers and shakers our clients depend on.

This blog has been posted on behalf of our Houston Intern, Carrie Woo. After completing her internship at Fifth Ring, Carrie went on to pursue a Master of Science in International Development from the University of Bristol.