From Marischal College to football dugouts, Aberdeen is more than just oil

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m fiercely loyal. Loyal to my friends, my family and my city. I may come across as biased or even a bit small-minded but in my mind Aberdeen is right up there with the world’s best cities. You may howl and laugh and call me crazy and say “but what about New York, Shanghai or Sydney.” Sure they may have the brand image and can big themselves up, but as an employee of B2B marketing specialists Fifth Ring, I’m going to put my skills to work and give you a whistle-stop tour of why I believe Aberdeen is one of the best and why you should too.

1) The People

We have a reputation in Aberdeen for being quite a sullen people. Ask people to describe someone from the city and they’ll probably say; moody and mean. As reputations go it’s not the greatest, but whilst there may be some truth in it (what do you expect when your city is closer to the North Pole than Moscow!) the reality couldn’t be further from the perception.

Indeed take to the streets on a Saturday night and it’s likely to be more Love Boat than Fight Club as revellers enjoy the atmosphere created by the tightly-packed bars and clubs in the city centre. As further proof, the city was recently named the ‘friendliest city for a night out’ by Police Scotland. So don’t believe the hype and if you can crack that tough exterior – a beer will usually do it – you’ll see just what we Aberdonians are really like.

2) Sporting History

It sounds silly to say given recent history (terrible since you ask!) but we are a city blessed with a remarkable sporting history given our size. From beating the mighty Real Madrid to winning the European Cup in 1983 and giving Sir Alex Ferguson his big break – believe it or not he was sacked by St Mirren before his time with Aberdeen after being told he had “no managerial ability”. The city has been at the heart of and the beginning of some of sport's greatest stories.

3) Oil and Gas Industry

The lifeblood of the city and the major reason it continues to thrive in the way it does. People in the city are very proud of the industry and rightly so. As one of the main economic drivers in the UK and a place that attracts the kind of intellectual talent that would make a group of Harvard professors blush, oil and gas has turned this small coastal town into a world-beater. As Alicia Keys said, “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere…."

4) Architecture

It may not look like it on a rainy day when the damp makes the buildings look angry but catch the city on a bright day and the granite that the city is built from glistens majestically. Indeed such is the beauty of the granite that it is frequently cited by those who leave the city as one of the biggest things they miss. Come and you’ll fall under its curious allure. I guarantee it.

This blog post is part of a series by Fifth Ring people explaining what makes where they live and work special. Tomorrow is Singapore’s turn . . .