Five on Five for Fifth Ring launch in Singapore

As the warm Southeast Asian sun began to set on the 5th of March, a mix of local and multinational people can be seen hurrying into busses and MRT trains all in a synchronised rush to beat the crowd and possibly score a seat for themselves for the ride home. Typical scenes in the Lion City where everything seems to move with such haste.

Not so typical however was the evening to come for a certain group of ladies and gentlemen who were cordially invited by Fifth Ring to an evening’s drinks and canapés at Eden Hall, home to His Excellency, Antony Phillipson, the British High Commissioner to Singapore.

Eden Hall was a beautiful setting and the minute you walk through the front gates you begin to forget all the hustle and bustle you experienced just a moment ago. Seemingly transported back to the colonial era, your usual pace naturally reduces and you begin to notice and appreciate the splendor and beauty Eden Hall has to offer.

We could not have imagined a better place to announce the expansion of Fifth Ring into Asia. The setting was perfect for our guests, it somehow induced a need to converse and at the same time to listen – must haves at events like this.

And listen they did as the High Commissioner gave his welcome address, he noted that he holds regular receptions at Eden Hall, but he particularly loved hosting this reception for Fifth Ring, he was obviously won over by Ian Ord.

Himanshu, the man with the Asian plans was up next, and he immediately won over the crowd with his jest and more so, his sincerity. He spoke well of Fifth Ring’s ambitions in Asia and our commitment to delivering excellence for our clients.

Ian went up at a tough time, the crowd was hungry and thirsty, but his words were enough to satisfy their desires. He held the crowd well, explaining the origins of our Fifth Ring’s name, our philosophy and how much we value relationships.

Overall, it was an excellent event where we caught up with old friends and definitely made new ones.

Special thanks to the British High Commission and all our guests for making the night nothing short of memorable.

More images from the night are on Facebook.