Fifth Ring’s Singapore fling

Breaking news – Fifth Ring has opened an office in Singapore.

This is an exciting development, and not just because it raises the prospect of work jollies/trips to Singapore. We’ve worked successfully in APAC before, but our new permanent residency is a BIG deal. It marks the improvement of both our local knowledge and global coverage and puts us one step closer to achieving our goal of being number one marketing communications agency in the international oil and gas sector (a.k.a. world domination).

Of course, with this new office comes a new time zone. Singapore is eight hours ahead of the UK, meaning that by the time the Aberdeen office opens in the morning, Singapore will be wrapping things up and getting ready to go home. Luckily the Aberdeen team is expert at time-zone straddling, already accommodating overlap with Dubai (four hours ahead) and Houston (six hours behind). At this rate, Fifth Ring will soon be a truly 24-hour operation.

We’re very much looking forward to working with our new colleagues. Formerly Like Minds, the Fifth Ring, Singapore team already have a great reputation in the region. Also, I hear our newly-appointed APAC Managing Director, Himanshu Verma was once Head of Marketing and PR at ESPN STAR Sports. I wonder if he can get us free tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix … ?

Welcome to the team, Fifth Ring, Singapore. It’s great to have you on board.