Fifth Ring to open new immersive office

Global marketing communications agency, Fifth Ring, has taken its offering to new levels. Not content with having offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Fifth Ring has embarked on an entirely new project in the form of a new subsea office, bringing it ever-closer to its clients and markets. This office will be a fully serviced facility operating directly from the seabed. The first of its kind for any agency. Anywhere in the world.

The company, renowned for its forward-thinking, has been looking into a development such as this for the past five years and has now decided to reveal plans for making it a reality.

This new venture brings together the specialisms of Fifth Ring’s multi-faceted client base, with the leading housebuilders, automotive companies, offshore specialists and subsea experts all being consulted in this futuristic development.

The new, state-of-the-art facility will form the basis of a new subsea village. Fifth Ring is already unveiling plans for further development with a lithographic printing facility (complete with pressurised ink waterproofing service), coffee shop, laundry and ironing service, corner shop with ROV access to and from each street within the village. There will also be a smoking ‘shelter’ which will be essentially an ‘inverted’ structure filled with oxygen.  

After analysing the designs, and addressing the challenges facing a development of this type, Fifth Ring’s specialist subsea office is to be equipped with a substantial number of the UK’s highest capacity hydrostatic pressure vessels. The agency has also been working in parallel with deep ocean research professionals. For the past five months, staff have been supplied with insulated cooling jackets, worn 24/7 to simulate deep ocean temperatures. Once on board, staff will operate a five day on, five-day off rota.

The new office will be accessed via a large platform, which will also double up as a giant billboard, displaying advertising visible from the air, to reach a highly targeted audience of transient offshore workers. Headlines, however, must feature at least one word that contains the letter ‘H’.

This is also a first for the industry.

In a recent interview, director, business development, Ian Ord remarked:

“At the end of the day, we want to be able to relate to our client base. With many of our clients being in the subsea sector, this was the logical step forward.”

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