Fifth Ring Houston’s 4th Birthday Celebrations

Fifth Ring Houston is four! Yes, on Wednesday 8 August we marked the fourth anniversary of the opening of our doors and we celebrated with something every four-year-old loves. Cake.

And not just any old cake, we had cupcakes decorated with stars and stripes and took time out to hand-deliver them to clients to show our appreciation for the support they have shown over the past four years. And with the best of intentions, for those who are currently trying to avoid temptation we delivered a fruit basket instead (although we did send along a couple of cupcakes as well, just in case).

Not wanting our clients in Aberdeen to miss out, we made sure they received cakes too. Admittedly these weren’t hand-delivered but with work to be getting on with we couldn’t be gallivanting around the globe.

This milestone is significant not because of what we have achieved as a company, but what we have achieved on behalf of our clients.  We’ve produced award-winning work and consistently doubled our revenue each year. And it’s not just the figures that convey our success, we have been recognised by both The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) who awarded us their ‘best Houston mid-size agency’ and ‘PR professional of the year’ awards and The Houston Business Journal, who listed us in the top 10 public relations firms in Houston.

The success of the office is no mean feat. Having been founded at the start of the global economic meltdown many people would have been sceptical about us making it to our first birthday, let alone our fourth. It seems that short of the hurricane that brought Houston to a temporary halt almost immediately after opening our doors in 2008, there’s no stopping us.

All of our success is due to our clients and those organisations such as Scottish Development International and United Kingdom Trade & Investment.

Like the cupcakes, achievement is sweet. Unlike the cupcakes, let’s hope it lasts a very long time!