Fifth Ring for Maggie’s – Running for their lives

They say one in three of us will get cancer. But every single one of us is affected by it at some point in his or her lives. It may be indirectly or directly, but everyone knows someone with cancer.

So when it comes to fundraising and participating in a charity event at Fifth Ring, everyone wants to take part and do their bit for our chosen charity Monty’s Maggie’s appeal.

When the email asking us to raise money by doing the Baker Hughes 10k was circulated around the office in Aberdeen, I immediately jumped at the chance. I love doing my bit for charity and wanted to get involved. “Sign me up!” I replied. It then dawned on me what I was taking part in. A 10k run. A Run. The girl who had run three times in her life before signing up for this was now going to do a 10k.

"But why not?" I then thought. It’s far more rewarding if it’s a challenge, and I knew that my family and friends would sponsor generously if for no other reason than for the absurd thought of me running.

We assembled a team. Our glorious leader Ian Ord, creative copywriter Siân Ross, talented graphic designer Asa Rodger, business positioning moguls Kirsten Riach and Marcus McLernon, and PR professionals Holly McLennan, Cameron McHattie and myself.

The training varied from person to person – Ian trained by cycling 100k the day before. Asa, having once run a 5k by accident before his 10k, frequently participates in races every couple of weeks. Kirsten, who is also a trainer in a gym claims she never runs but we all had bets on her being the dark horse. Marcus trained by visiting the physio for his knee injury. Siân, who admittedly has swapped the running shoes for a bottle (or five) of wine, has run two 10k races before so “should be fine”. Holly, who did some training and got some blisters, thought, “I’ll wing it on the day,” and Cameron, who put us all to shame by running an 8k in 28 minutes – on his lunch break!

And me? Well, before the race I had run a total of seven times in my life and my body ached for three days afterwards.

But Sunday morning proved to be a success … we all crossed the finish line at some point, and no one was admitted to hospital. A special well done to Cameron who came 28th overall!

The corny line of: ‘it’s the taking part that counts’, rings true. We’ve all raised money for a brilliant cause; money that will go towards helping fund the fantastic new Maggie’s centre that will be open in Aberdeen later this year.

And seeing as we are all directly or indirectly affected by cancer, I think everyone will agree how important a Maggie’s centre will be for Aberdeen. With cancer, it’s not just those affected personally who need help; Maggie’s supports friends and family to come to terms with the diagnosis too.