Creative Marketing in the Energy Sector?

How does an oil and gas well-plugging technology manufacturer end up hosting a bike-off outside an Aberdeen shopping centre?

Interwell approached Fifth Ring to provide communications support at Offshore Europe 2013, challenging us to create a relevant and engaging presence that would get them noticed amid the chaos surrounding the expo. In an industry where the ‘race to be second’ is fierce, we immediately thought this was the ideal context for going against the norm. We would do something that had never been done in the industry before and get Interwell noticed for all the right reasons.

Our team of creatives crafted a concept using the extreme sport of trial biking to represent the extreme performance, technology and products delivered by Interwell. The resulting video, featuring a professional stunt cyclist performing tricks in and around the Interwell yard, received in excess of 1000 hits by the end of its first day of release. On first viewing, the video is enough to make QHSE managers everywhere take a sharp intake of breath. This was designed to be so. Our intention was to disrupt expectations and to stimulate dialogue.

Interwell: Extreme Performance Video

However, our intention was not to fly in the face of the QHSE procedures and processes that protect well-being and save lives in the oil and gas industry. The balance between impact and safety was a difficult one to strike and one that all parties spent a great deal of time getting right. The final cut features a stunt-by-stunt breakdown of the safety measures employed during filming; demonstrating that, as in Interwell’s operations, every possible risk-reduction measure was taken. Standing out often means breaking boundaries and this is something many companies shy away from for fear of the unknown; going against the grain takes guts.

And so credit must go to Interwell, and specifically to UK Managing Director, Andrew Louden and UK Business Development Director, Jim Laidlaw who had the foresight to trust a team of experts to do the job they had been employed to do. They are now reaping the well-deserved rewards.